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Membership is open to any aviation enthusiast. Join the club to experience a Microlight flight in the Wilderness Knysna Garden Route area.

The Flying Club… Birthed from the passion shared between flight and a mortal human..

For 20 years David Daniel owned and operated a flight training school, sharing the skill of flight with many. Then one bright sunny morning, on his 60th birthday, he up and sold it all and moved to Wilderness…the Mecca of Free Flying in South Africa.

Here his passion and joy of flight was rekindled, after years and years of teaching, fixing, mentoring…

Sadly, during the last few years leading up to his moving to Wilderness, flying for ‘Fun and Recreation’ in South Africa declined drastically. The bodies charged with promoting General Aviation in South Africa failed to stem the decline. An entire industry faced ruin.

Frustrated by the sorry state of affairs, he decided to do something about it… The Flying Club was born.

The purpose? …to supply an accessible means for earthbound mortals to experience recreational flight, to promote aviation as a sport and help sustain an industry.

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